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Report - Sutton Hospital, Old part - Surrey - Dec 17


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One of the only few buildings left standing from the original sutton hospital complex, dating back to 1899 these buildings supported patients with severe mental health disabilities. Seeing as they are on the brim of demolition, i wanted to get an updated report in of them before theyre gone for good.
Unfortunately it was pretty stripped out, nothing much of intrest but was still a nice little mooch.

thanks @Gromr123 for making me jump out of my skin :p



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28DL Full Member
A recently popular site Sutton Hospital has become in 2017. They have got patrolling guards during the day but nothing you can't get past... Apparently due to the large amount of druggies in the building and couple of times that the place has been tried to be set on fire. Anyway decent pictures considering the time you visited the place!