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Sutton Hospital, Surrey


Call me William Blake
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Sutton Hospital ....very almost gone. If you want to go now is the time. Just went back tonight and some people re-opened a ground level window access. Last times I went had to climb up roofs. Very noticeable further degradation due to ease of access again though so meeeeh
I see the hospital everyday and I can tell you it’s moving forward demolition wise so go see it before it’s totally gone, it’s such a pretty site :)


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Went there last night, they have cameras and PIR's all over the sides and you can't really gain access because of the fencing. But yes it is huge and would be an amazing explore


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They had a couple of cameras from what i remember but none inside the blue fencing
They must be new?


Call me William Blake
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good to know, Is that the part surrounded by blue fencing by any chance?
Well most of it is but there are ways in. However building activity has massively increased in the last week and I am pretty sure that the whole place will be imminently destroyed. Also the site itself, inside has been hugely degraded to the point that it has now become a lot more hazardous to explore. Ceilings pulled down and very unstable and floors very very busy with all sorts of debris. I’ll be both sad and happy to see it go as I have worked there and I know how very poorly patients in some words (especially the acute admission one: Jasper Ward, were being cared for...


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28DL Full Member
If you had a set of fire brigade keys you could access the entire site a few months back, the old bit was a foul pigeon ridden mess and the new bit was cool but trashed...


Call me William Blake
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Little update.
Went back (again!!!) last night. The place has been further vandalised. It seems every time I go more damage is done...Some of the ceilings are now pretty unstable because some peeps keep on having a go! Anyway, here are a few pictures. This time I did not go solo so pics are a mix of my own and portraits are my amazing partner in crime's :D
Sorry, my pics are pretty bad as I did not have a tripod (doh) and my aperture was not set up right...