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Report - Swan mine Wiltshire 05/2019

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Hi everyone in this report it’s my first time going underground and swan mine was the location.
Kingsdown quarry also known as Swan Mine was a Bath stone quarry that began operation by the late 18th century with the exact date being unknown, in 1896 records show 12 people working there much less than the nearby Corsham quarry. The mine closed in 1932.
This was my first time underground so I didnt manage get that many photos ,a little overwhelming at first !
on this visit I was with Oort. (which I like to thank for taking time to show me ! ) it was a great day out and I’m definitely hooked.

The mine itself was great fun to get around with the occasional small hole to slide through or pile of rubble to climb over.

There was some great things to look at along the way including workmens tools , a crushed crane , scribblings on the walls from the workers and even the old original footprints from horses and workers from all them years ago, there was a giant slab that had fallen from the ceiling which was a great site to see and the best part for me was the main crane which was in great condition too.

I was surprised how well kept this place was and good to see how the other visitors respect the mine.

Tracks from the horse and carts which serviced the mine.
numbers and dates wrote from the workers.
the unfortunate crushed crane.
main crane was in great condition, considering!
I’m not going to lie I was anxious at first , but what I can say to newbies the worse part is thinking about getting in there ! ...once I was in ,I loved it !
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