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Report - Sweden -Abandoned backup power station for the Swedish railways


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In Sweden, the trains run/runs mostly on electricity, but it is not good enough with ordinary 220/230 volts. The voltage at the incoming high-voltage line is usually 220, 130, 70 or 50kV 3 phase. This voltage is then transformed down to 6.3 kV, which is the supply voltage converters are designed for. This is/was normally at regular substations, but, during the Cold War, if there was danger of war, so....

Backup power station
Storage area, or reserve storage area, also known as UL, was SJ -Statens Järnvägars (State Railways) name of the reserve positions that were built for that, in troubled times, could be set up mobile converter and transformer, in order to ensure supply of electricity to the network even in case of war and the bombing of ordinary plants. The somewhat cryptic name has its roots in that they did everything they could to keep secret the reserve positions.

Mobile converters and transformers
Briefly then, these are normally on train carriages in their regular sites, sometimes above ground, in some cases in ordinary rock shelters, and could be moved to reserve places like this.

Some reserve storage sites was originally a simple side track where you could set up the Mobile plant, others in the form of simple shed, and that some reserve plants were built in the caverns where the wagons could be protected even against air strikes. Facilities in the caverns are in different locations across the country. Some are fairly centrally located, while the majority are "middle of the forest."

As early as 1943, construction of the first mountain plant, which was followed by a number of similar in the 40s and 50s. There was also a series regular substations in the caverns, most of which are still operating.

What happened next?
Over time, when the Cold War became history, the changing threats against Sweden and in the early 1990s it was decided to dismantle the system of "Backup power stations". Some of the caverns have been restored and the inputs have been cast again with concrete, others have been sold to private individuals/company/municipality, while a number of sites are empty awaiting its final fate, but the feeling of "Cold War" is left when you walk into behind the huge "shock wave ports" which are filled with pebbles, a unique solution that combines protection against bomb explosion, with the possibility for air to pass through the stone filter (that was the idea)


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In order to show the arrangement of converters on railroad trailers, pictures from a ordinary plant in operation (permission visit):



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