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Report - Sweden -Civil defense command center Avesta - "Sländan" January 2011


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In July 2009, I wrote a report on this place, but here's an update

During the "Cold War" was all municipalities in Sweden required by law to Establish a protected Command center for civil defense. A Majority of municipalities Followed The Law and based Command centers protected by mountains, or in the form of concrete bunkers, with equivalent protection.

These Command centers were full of communications equipment such as telephones and radios, and location of housing, emergency power and so on.

Many Of These plants were built in the 1950s-1960s. The plant in the "movie", HC Avesta, with the name "Sländan" (Dragonfly) were completed in the mid 60's, after nearly five years of planning, design and construction work. Here, the idea Was that around 100 people (in the plane's two floors) would work to Coordinate the community work with civil defense and civil protection in case of war. The plant was around 850 Swedish sqm.

But then came the end of "Cold War" and the Warsaw Pact collapsed. In the early 90s most municipalities chose to cut down on maintenance of facilities like this.

Some of the plants are sold, other closed forever and some, like this one, was largely left to its own fate...

But in the end, unfortunately, so did the municipality finally afford to clear this mountain on all content, and forever close the entrance with concrete :(

At another visit in early 2011, so I filmed a bit, and finally, two years later :p: so I cut my video clips to a small "movie".

If you have fast internet, choose HD quality.

The little "movie/film" HERE!

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