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Report - Sweden -Military underground fuel storage


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During the Cold War it was built many different kinds of plants in the protection of the Swedish bedrock. If the Cold War would have been hot, and Sweden became withdrawn, so would the Swedish armed forces have had a tremendous need for fuel and lubricants also.

Therefore, there were over 1950-1990's levels of major and minor military fuel depots around the country. This system is now largely settled.

Some of the plants was more protected because they were built underground. Here there were both tanks for diesel and spaces where you could store the fuel in oil drums, and even different form of lubricant needed to keep the trucks, tanks and other roll spirit during a war.

Most of these military fuel stocks in the soil is now completely restored and closed to all eternity. So it was quite a magical feeling to see the big steel door is opened, a faint odor of gas immediately found its way into the nose, and then slowly walk further into a long tunnel through the rock.

The plant was breathing late 1950s, but today there is not the slightest stain diesel left, and inspection hatches in the vast caverns are open. To get inside the main tank was almost a religious experience, a total darkness, completely surrounded by the floors, walls, and ceilings of steel.

Slightest sound created a huge Echo. Interesting to hear how the exposure of the shutter and the sound echoed in the Mirror 5 seconds, and could not talk to anyone else inside the tank, the echo of all that voted it said. Was almost a bit sad to leave this relic of the Cold War behind them and go home :mad:










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