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Report - Sweden -Only another ordinary car scrap... Re-visited


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It was almost like seeing an old friend a few years later. Did visit this wonderful place in Sweden, near Norway, in the late summer of 2006, and now it was June 2009, almost three years ago finally then. Some call the place for old car scrap, but I want to go step further and call it as car cemetery, a place where I like to wander around a quiet summer day.

It is magic to get around in this wood, almost scary quiet, and always find new horizons to address the camera. Laughter is not far away when we see that the trees in several cases, plant right through part of the forest car wrecks, but I was quickly reminded of the reality when the "flying brakes" attacked heavily, probably bred in the sur-old engine oil and battery acid... :eek:

Guessing that the junkyard had its heyday in the 1950-1960:s when the junkyard owner brothers Ivansson was fully addressed. The brothers started the junkyard in the early 50's and sold primarily spare parts for the Norwegians, who had great need for such after the war.

One estimate was that there were around 1.300 cars in the junkyard, but at the end of summer 2006 were 250 of these away when the matter in a part of the land ceased. So now it's "only" around 1.050 cars left. The figure is staggering, realize that I only managed to catch a few percent on the picture this time too ... ... I hope that this site may persist for many years!









More pictures:

The visit 2009: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Bilar-Lastbilar-Bussar/BilskrotenAterbesoket/

The visit 2006: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Bilar-Lastbilar-Bussar/Bilskroten/