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Rust and decay is always beautiful, and it's something special about shipwrecks. No Atlantic liner caught in these pictures, but I think they are really beautiful. Found some information on these beautiful wrecks:

Trossö is the vessels that appear to be most difficult to leave the sea, even dipping the propeller and rudder in the waves. Trossö was built in 1923 by Bergsunds Engineering Workshop in Stockholm, and actually got the ship for some time to return to Stockholm. In the same year as the archipelago boat she built was delivered to Karlskrona AB steam launch, and was in service until 1941 when Trossö sold to the Maritime Administration and come in more than twenty years of white-run trade Märsgarn the Stockholm archipelago.

Carl is a bit farther up on land and was built already in 1911 by Ljunggrens Workshop in Kristianstad, but under the name Wämöparken I. The name indicates that the boat traffic trade Trossö - Wämö. However, was Wämöparken In short, already in 1912 the ship was sold to Karlskrona AB steam launch, and was baptized when about to Carl. The vessel was operated for a long time before she sometime in the 1970s was up for good.

Farther out in the water is a major Transportatation boat, popularly known as the 200-boat. Was a ship used by the Swedish coastal artillery in order to transport troops and supplies in coastal missions. In addition to her lies another boat.

Unfortunately I could not find any detailed information about the yard, and why, in practice, submitted to it´s fate....


The entire gallery/visit here: