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Report - Sweden Stockholm -Command center for civil defence


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I'm not really so fond of sites and facilities that are in good condition, I prefer places that have decline in a beautiful way.

But, almost 3 years ago I visited one of Stockholms two former command center for Civil Defense, a bit interesting though, was “as usualâ€￾ down the mountain. This is old pictures from 2007 but not published previously.

I will return to 28dl later this year with some reports of more exciting places, but until then so... (As always an excuse for my bad English)

During the "Cold War" was all municipalities in Sweden are obliged by law to establish a command centers for Civil Defense, a majority of municipalities followed the law and building control centers protected by mountains, or in the form of concrete bunkers with equal protection.

Many of these command centers were built as early as the 50th century, but this is about an installation completed as late as 1977. This facility is located in a municipality in the northern part of Stockholm, and was intended for use by Stockholm's northern municipalities for the management of the Civil Defense work.

This was compared to the previous command a really modern facility built in the mountains, where "the buildings in the mountain" is in the form of iron / steel structures, very large "containers", which is on the shock absorber, in order to mitigate the effects of vibrations generated by nuclear explosions.

The plant consists of three buildings inside the mountain. Back up power and more can be found in a separate building. Another building, on two floors, includes dormitories / bedrooms. Finally, a building where the kitchen and control center, meeting rooms, communication center. The buildings in the mountain have EMP protection. (Electromagnetic Pulse, damaging electronic equipment)

Buildings total floor area is some 3300 Swedish square meters, and the idea was that 200 people would be able to work / live in the command center for a long time.

Directly in the mountain areas there are also spaces for NBC decontamination, and two exits. Both the usual entery and the emergency exits have a number of sections with steel doors to withstand the shock wave.

The facility is in very good condition, but much of the technical equipment for communication feels slightly out of date. I wonder of course if the Victor PC 1986 even starts and if anyone knows how to handle the telephone switch?

According to what i heard was the last exercise in the first part of the 1990s, at the same time "The Cold War" is considered to have been over. Since then the plant has been in "hibernation".


The rest of the gallery HERE: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Civilforsvar-Totalforsvar/LedningscentralCivilforsvaretStockholm