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Report - Sweden -Swimming pool and bowling alley


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As usual, start by apologizing for my bad English... :p

I Have seen many beautiful galleries here at 28dl, including swimming pool/bath house from different cities, but always thought that something like this, I will never get to visit in Sweden, but.... :cool:

Already in the 1920s, there were plans on a large swimming pool in this small town in Östergötland (replacing the old bath house built in 1908), but from disagreement in the placement, the cement stop of the second World War (after the war, it became instead a new fire station), the priority of a new center, made it all dragged on.

1965 finally they began construction of the swimming pool and bowling alley, after some delays, so the plant was inaugurated at the beginning of the 1967th After that it was holding to the delight of many, both in the swimming pool and bowling alley, and a couple of Swedish Olympic gold medalists starded their career here.

But over time, affected plant like this, built in the 60 70s, of damp damage, guessing that the barriers are simply not held for any moisture and water in the long run. So finally it hit even this pool. Unfortunately, I can not find any information about how long it had been closed, but would guess from around 2002 to 2003.

After that followed the debate and no renovation or not, apparently, there was no renovation, and after it followed that in turn discussion of rebuilding the stocks, and even rebuilding to offices, but seems to ultimately be the demolition and new construction in the form of office.

Final nail in coffin of this building, after the decision on demolition, was said to be extensive damage, and finally, a major water leakage by a broken water connection in early 2010.


The whole gallery here: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Bostader-Sport-Lantbruk-Fritid/SimhallOchBowling/