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Report - Sweden -The old warehouse for grain


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Once again above ground in Sweden... :gay

But... will be a new mountain place, sooner or later.... :D

Here we have a different, high and large, building built in wood, with fiber-cement tiles facade. This is an old warehouse for grain. The building is now rather dilapidated, and full of bird poop, but was once a pillar of the Swedish food storage. The building is seven stories high.

1917-1919 built the Swedish state, at various locations in Sweden, nine large warehouses for emergency storage of grain, three of them remain. The housings were considered to be huge when they were built, this warehouse had a storage capacity of 4.000 tons. (Relatively little in comparison with Lantmännens modern concrete silo in Kumla with a capacity of 30.000 tons)

The large warehouses were used, however, until the late 1970s. Even then, they were outdated with poor capacity. The large concrete silos that was built after World War II had long ago taken over the grain storage in Sweden.

The future of this large warehouses, however, sees dark, after having had various tenants, people talk about motorcycle gangs and black marketing of meat, and the current owner is said to access the land to demolish the housing, and construct other buildings , so maybe it ends with the demolition sooner or later.... :(

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