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Report - Swinburne Quarry, Northumberland, October 2014


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Continuing a tour of Northumberland’s quarry sites, we bring you another one on our travels. Much thanks goes to Dave on suggesting we go see this one. Not knowing what to expect, whether the site was flattened or indeed, if there was anything left to see at all, we were pleasantly surprised.
I did enjoy this a lot… exploring is at the present time limited due to work commitments for the three of us, so it was great to meet up again. Visited with my usual suspects, Sed and Dave, thanks to you both for another extremely enjoyable day out.
Also - We also checked on a ROC post at Haydon Bridge, which is now sealed (just some info for anyone currently checking up on these ROC posts and their current status).
Dave, as usual, The Man With The Maps …was spot on with navigation…. Well, that is until he left his maps in the boot of the car at one point and then just became “The Man……†:-D
Oh, and a note to Sed…. On trying to locate the ROC post and he points out “is that it there?â€
“um… nope… that would be a tin bath in a field, Sed, its not a ROC post…â€
((sorry mate! But you were a good sport with the 20 minute inevitable P***-take afterwards!)) feel free to point out my um slight “error of viewing†about the house nearby too… lol

Bit o history from Northumberland County Council monitoring report from late 2013….
Swinburne Quarry is a whinstone quarry located approximately 10km north of
Hexham and 1.5km north of the village of Colwell. The quarry covers an area
of approximately 30 hectares.
Method of Working
The quarry has been worked since the 1940’s. A review of conditions was
carried out in 1993. A variation to the IDO permission and the consolidation of
other previous permissions was approved in 2003.
The site provides whinstone and armoured stone, when required, to the
construction industry. The site shall be restored to a mixture of agriculture,
light grazing land, woodland and a large lake.
There are no operations currently taking place within the site in respect of
extraction or coating. Lorry loads of stone are periodically taken from the site
to the nearby Keepershield Quarry.














Sed is visible in this one, as is Dave (to the left of chute)... who was taking a pic of me taking a pic of him :-)




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Cheers, was a canny find, courtesy of Dave. been doing a tour of Northumberland quarry sites recently.


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Nice work there Cat yes it was a great day yet again in great company and thanks for doing the driving too. This place turned out to be very good in the end. Sed's climbing skills were put to good use here also. Yes his reference to the bath tub almost pales into insignificance compared to your washing line reference enough said about that i reckon. All good fun though and thanks once again for a fun day out in the countryside. Hope you dont mind thought i would stick some of mine up sorry to bump your thread.













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Great stuff there Cat and Dave :thumb


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Haha!! Thanks for that Cat! Great day out and loads of laughs! I wouldnt dream of mentioning the washing line saga - that one can be tucked away up my sleeve and used against you at a later date when needed! ;)


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I wouldnt dream of mentioning the washing line saga
well it DID look like people-types and not just a load of clothes on a washing line from where i was stood! (( shoulda gone to spec savers i guess... haha))

@ Dave, brilliant photos there, and thanks again for pointing this site out, was a very enjoyable mooch... or in your words "its a bit good this, isnt it..." ;)


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Nice ocation that and intact ..

this is really nice cat

cheers, Wevs.... funny thing about that photo is that i left tripod in the car and the room was a bit dark so i managed to get a shot of it by using a "tripod" consisting of a cardboard box and old cigarette packet that i found, to stabilise the cam :)


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cheers, Wevs.... funny thing about that photo is that i left tripod in the car and the room was a bit dark so i managed to get a shot of it by using a "tripod" consisting of a cardboard box and old cigarette packet that i found, to stabilise the cam :)
i know a chap who swore by the fag packet method :D

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