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Report - T Forsell & Sons - Leicester - November 2013


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Visited twice, once in the evening and once during the day, this was to avoid upset homeless guys who sill evidently live there. Visited with CatVstyle, Buttons and Waterboy.

As my powers of research seem to be failing me drastically today I will instead borrow the history from Yorrick's report:

T. Forsell and sons, worsted spinners, started trading in 1835 from this site.
The company was incorporated (became Ltd) in 1943 and branched out
into property management in 1949.

By the early 1960’s they had outgrown the site and moved to purpose built
premises in nearby South Wigston.
(The spinning arm finally ceased trading in 2000 but the property arm is still trading.)

As happens a lot (at least in Leicester) the building was divided up and occupied
by several small knitwear firms.
One of these made baby clothes for Boots, as evidenced by the rolls of labels.
The last of these seems to have moved out around 2005.

It was my first visit to this building and to be honest I am not overly fussed on it, there is however potential to set up some nice shots if you have the time and patience (I did borrow a set up shot of glass chemistry equipment).

The upstairs floors are basically f***ed and I nearly went through one during one of the adventures; it is one to do in the day as some of the holes in the floor are hard to see by torchlight. Once we had gotten past where they homeless guys live the building really opens up into a few large, empty rooms. I didn't venture very far into them due to the state of the floors.









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