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Report - Taberner House, Croydon - May '14

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Taberner House was built between 1964 and 1967.
It has its upper slab block tapering towards both ends. It was named after Ernest Taberner OBE, Town Clerk from 1937 to 1963.
It's going to be demolished to make way for a mixture of new-builds, the tallest of which will be the same approximate height as this.

Here's what the contractors have to say on that matter:
"The 1960s office block formerly the headquarters for the council is now being prepared for demolition.
Erith Contractors Ltd has been awarded the contract to undertake the demolition and site clearance of Taberner House. Work is planned to start from 20 January for approximately 45 weeks with a completion date of mid-December 2014.
As the site is in the town centre, no explosives will be used. Instead the works will be carried out on a floor by floor basis, starting from the roof and working their way down.
Throughout the demolition, due to the height of Taberner House, dust and debris will be contained within a scaffold covered with monarflex and strictly secured with hoarding to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists and minimise disruption."

This building first came to my notice a year ago when we were in the process of working over the nearby Nestle Towers and Town Hall/clocktower, and I thought then that it looked a bit uninhabited. But it wasn't quite the case just at that time. Roll forward a year and it's another matter entirely.
I suppose it does take a time for a council to clear out their shit, what with all the meetings that must have ensued about who's going to clear out their shit first, and where it's going to be put. Death by email, I imagine.

It's typical 1960s fare internally as you'd expect, just stripped out floors, so no photos from there, but it does feature quite an intricate double-height plant room below roof level, plus at least two basement levels which were a maze of small rooms and corridors.

Ably accompanied by Leanrascal, noch einmal, thank you!




Looking straight down onto Queens Gardens-






In the last few days there was a massive rave organised in the former Royal Mail sorting offices over there by Croydon East station. Aggro -




A couple of rooftop shots-



Followed by a couple of plant room shots-




Target #1 of the evening, below, resulted in us encountering the most vocal African security man I've met, whose form of defence was to bellow loudly. Sorry mate, we didn't mean to stress you out.




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I like the snaking of the flyover in a couple of your pics.. its amazing how looking at things from a different perspective give a different feel to a place - I used to commute through Croydon regularly and thought it was an absolute toilet. Mostly bland concrete 60s builds! I read that Nestle are relocating too at some point but not sure how thats progressing!


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Nestle already relocated... they're now at Gatwick. Looks like most of Croydon is getting a facelift, not sure how much it will change the place though. Would probably be better the flatten the place and start again.

Oxygen Thief

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Surprised you remember how to work your camera, clearly not the case though.

Rik UE

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Lovely crisp photographs and a really nice skyline with plenty of light, thanks for sharing nice report!


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Nice report there man,

The night views of Croydon town look very nice, shame it's not quite the same on ground level.
I lived in the town myself when I first moved to London, across from Apollo house where they filmed Peep Show :)
That was about the only notable thing with the place TBH!

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