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Report - Talgarth Asylum – Brecon, Wales – Jun 2011


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Talgarth Asylum – Brecon, Wales – June 2011

Spent a week in Newquay recently and decided to head back via south Wales to see Talgarth. Only problem was we had arrived a bit late and it was already getting pretty dusky but we managed to spend a couple of fairly amusing hours in there armed only with a single lenser p7. Taking pictues was a bit difficult but we had a good time. When we eventually tried to leave we went round in circles for a while which was a bit surreal.

AKA, Mid Wales Asylum. Opened in 1906 and formerly known as the Brecon and Radnor Joint Asylum or Mid Wales Counties Mental Hospital. It is in echelon style (narrow arrow) and at its peak could serve 1,000 patients. However, nearer the end of its life, in 1995, this had dwindled to 168. The site was also home to the Mid and West Wales College of Nursing and Midwifery and the Powys Drugs & Alcohol Council for substance misuse.
As part of its services the hospital provided treatments for the elderly mentally ill; rehabilitation and continuing care; occupational therapy; day care facility; psychology; reflexology; physiotherapy; electro-convulsive therapy; chiropody and psychiatry.

I liked the Asylum. I thought it was rather quaint and it suits its remote setting. Id heard things had changed a lot recently but didn’t see anything too startling apart from some trippy reflected torch light now and again. Didn’t see any one and getting in wasn’t difficult. Here’s a few shots which may or may not be slightly below standard.













It’s a shame about Talgarth. I can’t really see a great future for it. Its got some really nice features but its all deteriorating very fast based on previous reports over the years that I’ve looked at. Its still a really nice, chilled explore though and worth the drive to see it. It was nice to tick it off.

Cheers. Sho :thumb


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