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Report - Talgarth Mid Wales Asylum , August 2012


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After getting offered a free ticket to Green Man on friday i was on my way when i found out the ticket offer was a fluff up,12hrs later and i'm heading past Green Man on the way to Talgarth with RPH and Spanners

After getting chased off by some locals who were harmless we made our way past the rather sad looking doggy and into the site

The Mid Wales Hospital, originally the Brecon and Radnor Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum was a psychiatric hospital in Talgarth, Wales.

The building, designed by Messrs Giles, Gough and Trollope of London followed the compact arrow plan and was built at a cost of £126,000. It was opened amid public ceremony on March 18, 1903, by the Rt. Hon. Lord Glanusk who said of it "everything has been done that human ingenuity could devise for the happiness and safety of the inmates, and under the blessing of God, for their speedy restoration to health." Like other contemporary institutions, the asylum was designed to be self-sufficient, and had its own private water, electricity, heating and sewerage systems as well as a considerable agricultural estate on which able-bodied patients worked to produce food for the hospital. As well as residential wards, the hospital had a large recreation and dining hall, kitchens, workshops "in which the patients [were] encouraged to spend their time profitably", a tailor, bakery, shoe-maker and printing shops as well as 8 acres of market gardens. (WIki)

The Place is a in a bad way the only saving grace was the main hall,we found crates full of slate tiles so who knows why they have all been pulled off.

Main Entrance


Internal Compound , all the connecting corridors have been demolished

Pretty much every room is fooked,collapsed celings and rotting floors,Bracket fungi inhabit everyplace they can.......the gravestone was a loner standing behind the chapel , he apparently died of shell shock and there have been calls to move his grave to a military cemetery.

And Finally....the Hall​


Some Cheese​


And some more Cheese


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