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Report - Taman Festival, Bali, April 2017


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Recently we visited Bali for our honeymoon! Although we were there primarily to relax, and enjoy our break away, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore Taman Festival Park. Especially as it was only 10 minutes from the last hotel we stayed at.

History of Taman Festival

Reports about the park vary. Some say that around 29 years ago Taman Festival began construction. Funded by a wealthy investor and the local government, Taman Festival Park was supposed to be a huge tourist attraction for Sanur. After a string of bad luck and bad decisions, the project became bankrupt, and the park was abandoned. Others claim that the park opened in the late nineties, but closed shortly after. It’s unclear as to what exactly happened, but we can confirm that this place is 100% abandoned, and has obviously been so for quite some time.

The Report

There’s nothing left inside the buildings, I’m not sure there was ever much there, and it’s unclear as to the original purpose of many of them. We did happen upon what looked like an extremely overgrown outdoor amphitheatre at the back of the park, but we could only access the back due to the amount of overgrowth, so we couldn’t tell if there was actually a stage further inside.

There are a few more abandoned buildings as you walk the main path around the park, and in the centre, an abandoned gazebo you can access as long as you don’t mind climbing through some undergrowth. On the far side of the park from the beach, is the largest of the abandoned buildings. We believe this was intended to be a hotel, but now, is just as abandoned as the rest of the park.

Most of the remaining buildings are behind the main entrance. These include what once was a 3D cinema (be careful, there are holes in the floor and lighting is very poor) and the crocodile pit, which we’re pretty confident no longer contains any crocodiles….

I’m so glad we took the time to check this place out. It’s very different to urbex sites in the UK. The symbiosis between concrete art and jungle is stunning, and it’s well worth the visit.













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