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Offered - Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 [Nikon Mount]


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Once again I'm having a gear shake-up and this time I'm looking to sell my Tamron 10-24mm. I've had it since about dec/jan, and got it as a cheap wide-angle to use on my D7200 so I didn't have to drag my full frame gear around. But now I'm moving further into that territory and need to sell this to fund that.

It's a good little inexpensive lens, obviously not up to pro-zoom quality... but for what it costs it's pretty decent. Shot stopped down a little and sharpened slightly in post it gives good results, all of my reports (exc chert mine 35mm one) from this year have been shot with this lens. Overall its in good condition, works fine and glass all in good condition... complete with hood but no box unfortunately,


Looking for £100 + postage.
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