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Report - Tangerine Confectionery, Poole Sept 2019


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Another stop on mine and @Landie_Man 's day out down on the south coast, and another spot I'd wanted to check out for a while. After doing so many residential sites lately it felt quite nice to be inside a big piece of ruined industry once more.

Originally a Parrs sweets factory, Tangerine Confectionery took over the site in 2007 and closed it in 2013 with the loss of 75 jobs in order to increase efficiency at the other seven production sites located across the country. The company manufactures Butterkist popcorn and Barratt's sweets as well as supermarket own-brand varieties. In 2008 a worker was crushed to death at the Poole factory trying to unblock a jelly bean machine and in 2010 the company was found guilty of numerous Health & Safety breaches in relation to the death.

It's pretty stripped and fairly tagged but is still a pretty fun wander if you're in the area with enough left inside of interest to make it worthwhile. I did like the boiler room, it's a nice example in surprisingly decent condition. Quite a few sticky glucose-covered floor areas as well which is always a laugh to encounter as well. It was almost impossible to get a decent exterior shot as the buildings are fairly low-lying and it is massively overgrown at the moment, there also seems to be a large nest of bees at one end as there were literally thousands of them buzzing around a small area outside.

Thanks for looking :)​

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