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Report - Taxal Lodge, Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire - April 2019


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Been done to death over the years, so I'll keep the history brief.

Constructed in 1904 as the home of Lt. Col. H Ramsden Jodrell who died in 1950. It then became a school for 'disruptive or emotionally disturbed children' between the ages of 11-16, run by Stockport Education Authority.

The Lodge pictured below in 1955


It finally closed its doors in 2005. The deterioration of the lodge in a mere 14 years is quite amazing.

My second visit here, the first being not long after the last fire in one of the outbuildings.

A nice wander around the large (and now overgrown) grounds. This part of the garden wall shows that additions were still being made to the place for some time.


I made my way towards the lodge and just managed to sneak inside in the nick of time as two locals decided to stop and have a moan about the state of the place right by the entry point. I plucked up all my available courage and made my way to the top floor, which I thought better of on my first visit due to the death trap nature of the upper levels.

Up on the roof with nice views of the peaks at the northern edge of Buxton


The floors in the middle of the house have collapsed (reminds me of neapolitan ice cream for some reason :p)


Access around this area was made by balancing across a lovely wobbly beam perched over the end of a snapped staircase


Most of the other upper floors can't have long left, this top floor room had a variety of plants growing from the carpet


The brightness of colours of the upstairs rooms really surprised me

Pink room


Orange room, complete with sagging floor


A view for two


Back downstairs now and a little corner of the kitchen area contains the most 'taken back by nature' type stuff I think I've seen. How this can happen in so few years is crazy.



Roller skate hanging from a collapsing corridor ceiling


The picture everybody takes


And I'll end with a photograph I found in a 1995 dated Kodak photo envelope on the top floor showing (presumably) a former student in happier times (maybe). Thanks for looking!

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