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Report - Telemere Lodge pub, Hasland, Derbyshire, July 2020


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1. The History
The Telmere Lodge (latterly The Lodge) was a pub in the Derbyshire village of Hasland, near Chesterfield. It hit financial troubles and closed its doors in January 2017. The liquidators sold it off for a reportedly £276,000. Up until then it had a pretty decent reputation as a place for families to dine. The large pub had a decent size function room, a couple of flats upstairs and a sizeable garden, including children’s playground. The food was pretty good according to Google Reviews and it was famous for a fish and chips dish so large it was called ‘The Codfather’. Here’s an old promo video:

Since its closure it has suffered at the hands of metal thieves, vandals, and arsonists. In May 2019 travellers descended on the place. Then a year later on 7th May of this year the fire started that spread to the roof, and police had to close the road while the fire engines remained in place.

There is now planning permission to demolish it and build houses on the site.

2. The Explore
Was passing so thought I’d take a look having earlier seen @motionlessinmike and his report. In the end it was a pretty depressing place to look round. It has been absolutely trashed in a short space of time and gone from a lovely family pub to a wreck in a matter of three years. Very sad.

3. The Pictures

A few externals for starters:

Inside is quite depressing:

But isn’t this the coolest wallpaper ever?

Upstairs. Pretty depressing on the whole:

Finally, the forlorn children’s playground:

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