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Report - Temenos - Middlesbrough - Aug 2010


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Cracking that! that wire looks egg slice thin?
There's 25mm, 40mm and 50mm cables in the net - all made in England :thumb

The 25mm cable is rated to withstand a force of over 600kN - a person weighing 100kg exerts a force due to gravity of approx 1kN - so there's a 600 x factor of safety there...not that I could ever condone anybody climbing on such a structure ;)

Great pics and a fitting tribute to Solomon.


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I was there today and thought of you solomon , went doing what you loved and now at the greatest height . RIP


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First of all sorry I can't make it tonight, and I hope the family don't mind me bumping this

I'm sure everyone will take some time out later to remember Jim and I sure wish I was sat at that bench again tonight

My thoughts are with the family of course and I wish you all a good evening

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