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Report - Tenpin Bowling Alley - Chelmsford, Essex - August 2017


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Not much history that i can find on this place.
The alley was located in Chelmsford, Essex and opened in the early 1990's (according to local knowledge)
the centre opened under the name Megabowl but a change in ownership and it was re-named 'Tenpin'.
It was a 36 lane bowling alley with a laser tag arena, pool tables, penny fall machines and lots of other arcade machines.

Rumors over the last few years were that the alley was in financial trouble, the number of visitors soon declined and prices rised.
A rival bowling alley opened up on the other side of Chelmsford in October 2016 which pushed business away from Tenpin.
The alley reported it had shut at the end of July 2017 and the place was gated off by the first week of August.


The alley has been stripped out and all the machines and even the alleys themselves had been taken apart and presumably sold.
As i'm writing this demolition has started and the inside has been torn down and the car park has been dug up. It's not been released what the unit will turn into or if the whole unit will be knocked down or not as the building itself is rented and the owner wants something different there.

The Explore

We had our eye on this place ever since the local paper reported it may be closing in February 2017, a month had passed and we had forgotten that it was possibly closing until we saw that in March Tenpin confirmed that they were closing but didn't confirm a date.
Scoot forward a few months to August and we were ready to explore the complex.
The explore wasn't planned for that day but we went down after someone had posted some pictures to Facebook of it closed and wanted to see it before it was locked down.

Explored with a couple of people from the usual crew.
Enjoy the pics.



Some things are best left untouched!
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Good timing on getting in there mate. Nice report


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Yo can I get a postcode for this place? Heard most of it has been taken down now, but worth a try!
It’s all been stripped and converted into something else. What I don’t know. Just google tenpin Chelmsford for the post code

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