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Report - Tenterden Train Graveyard, Kent

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So this was one of our first locations of the day as we was doing a road trip around Kent... A very nice little start to a good urbex day! Anyways this place I have wanted to go to for way too long.... I wouldn’t really say that there is anything mega special about this location anymore sadly! I just really liked the fact it was an abandoned train graveyard so it really did interest me while being here! I have never explored an abandoned train before so the fact I went to a graveyard of trains was really amazing! I really enjoyed the explore I must say. It has been on the list to do so the fact that I can tick it off the list is great! I went here with my boyfriend and a good friend.... in fact they actually took me here. Although I already had it on Google Maps they had been before so they knew where to go! Access to the train graveyard was honestly the most longest thing ever.... it had previously rained heavy the night before so basically we was set up for disaster.... The fields next to the graveyard actually have people walking through them so I don’t think we looked too dodgey. A nice small wire fence that is very easy to step over. However here comes the messy part, as the bank is so steep and big... The rain had literally made it into a mudslide. We were sliding everywhere but once we were down we was sorted. Access into the actual trains is just climbing onto the train and to then go through the open doors. The trains are actually so decayed and vandalised as you can see from my pictures. There isn’t really much left. I’m not complaining at all I really liked this place, it’s the perfect setting for me! A very nice, interesting explore nonetheless!

Some history on the Graveyard:
When the railway line first opened in 1900, Rolvenden Station was known as "Tenterden". Its name was changed when the line extended north three years later and a station closer to Tenterden was constructed. The new Tenterden Town station opened on 16 March 1903. The line closed for regular passenger services on 4 January 1954 and all traffic in 1961. It reopened on 3 February 1974 under the aegis of the Tenterden Railway Company which bought the line between Tenterden and Bodiam. The station now houses the KESR's Carriage and Wagon works, and the Colonel Stephens Museum is located nearby.





















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