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Report - Tenterhouse Mill, Norden - May 2011


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Tenterhouse Mill, Norden

In search of a new mill to explore, I came across Tenterhouse Mill in Norden. After recently purchasing a DSLR, it was time to venture out and take some photo's.

Refusing to pay a ridiculous price of £90 for a caving ladder, me and a friend decided to make our own and venture upto the site. (Picture to follow).

After initially gaining entry to a out house, it seemed unlikely access was doable to the main parts. It appears the out house is being renovated, with obvious signs of workmen being present.

A quick look out of a side window, we excitedly found the way forward.

I hate to be a let down, especially on my first report, but history on this place is scarce.

In it's prime the site was a Woolen Mill owned by James Butterworth and Sons. A river flows beneath the Mill but there is no evidence of a water wheel ever being present.

In 1986, the site was divided into different units which occupied different kinds of businesses, from Dustcover Manufacturers to accident claim specialists.

As it stands now, approximately half of the site has been demolished.

Overall, the Mill hasn't much left to offer but still a good explore.

The area to the left has a basement. A Fox patrolling this part made us decide to come back another day and have a look.


The machine looks like a old Bailer but I'm not too sure.


The 'outhouse' were work is happening.




Experimenting with peripheral defocus.





There is on site security, just a heads up.

Thanks for looking.


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