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Report - Terry's Chocolate Factory - York - 2012 - 2015 visits.

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Terry's Chocolate Factory, York


Terry's is a local favorite of mine, literally just up the road in York, yet I've never put a report up before. I guess I've never felt a need to, there always seems to be a report floating about from the place! Anyway, I've decided I'd might as well put my up my own version of the place, for the record.


The art deco styled factory was opened in 1926 by Joesph Terry and Son's, once the factory was operation the company would go on to create products such as the chocolate apple in 1926 and the much more famous chocolate orange in 1931. Development and production of these products continued, until the second world war.

The complex was taken over for the duration of the war by F Hill's and Sons of Manchester who operated the facility as a shadow factory producing and repairing propeller blades for the Royal Air Force.

After the war the factory was handed back over to Terry's and production continued as normal, given the demand for chocolate wasn't as high as it previously due to rationing, leading to the phasing out of the less successful chocolate apple in 1954, which didn't help business!

On the 18th of January 1982, American firm United Biscuits acquired Terry's of York, but continued to run the bussiuness as it was previously keeping the Terry's name and collection of unique products.

In 2004, Kraft Foods decided to absorb Terry's, move production of remaining products such as All GOLD and Chocolate Orange out of the UK to factories in Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia, and close the plant.[5] The factory closed on 30 September 2005, with the loss of 317 jobs.


On to the pictures, as the factory is split into 3 different parts I'll categorize the images under the subtitles, Admin the Main Factory and the Clock Tower.



Main Factory Building

Although I've visited the site plenty of times, I've only ever been in the main factory building twice, it's by far the least interesting part of the explore, I've included a few for the report from my first visit to the site in 2012, the images aren't quite up to the quality of my usual images. That's mainly down to the fact I was shooting pretty much in the dark hand held with a Nikon D3000, yep enough grain to fill a silo off of that thing!

Shop floor, most levels are pretty identical to this...


Where's the chocolate?


Wash yer 'and's!



Before moving onto the Clock Tower, it may be worth mentioning the service tunnels below ground, which I've just realized I don't have pics of even tough I've been down them! :( Back again sometime then!

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is probably the most fun part of the explore, or it was for me, getting up high is always good! You can get some cracking pics of the Minster and City from up here!

06:30 Sunrise, March 2015 from the top.


Looking toward the Minster and City Center.


Working my way up the staircase!


Clock Face...



Access or at least common knowledge of the Admin Block came a little later on, I think it was Bugsuperstar who was the first person to report it, anyway it gave us all a good reason to go back! An extremely impressive little building, which has been in the industry section of the forum almost monthly since 2013!

That Staircase Shot...


Skylight, above, and below...



Admin, open space office...




Roof Space...


Top Floor Offices...


And that's all, again, I know it's been done a lot, but I thought I'd report on it anyway!

Cheers for Reading! :D
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Yeah great stuff there mate the sunrise shot is really nice! And loving the 3rd pic with the reflection in the water :thumb Cheers for posting.


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Very nice mate some amazing shots there. i love the fact someone has put a wu tang clan logo on the clock tower like any one can see it up their…tossers.

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Cheers Guys!

Host - Some tosspots out there, I'm just glad they haven't found Admin! (yet) :wanker

Acid - Must have gotten lost in the post mate :( ;)Next explore should be back up north though! Will be in touch once it's organised I haven't forgotten mate haha


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The glass in there is so impressive! Just checked it on maps... that's a huge complex. Worth a visit, I assume :)


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Visited the site today but even with some very serious head scratching there was no access to be found, shame would love to take some shots in there