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Report - Terrys Chocolate Factory York - August 2012


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Hej! I know this site has been done to the death but being on my doorstep it's too good an opportunity to pass. I'm more my photography biased than Urbex but being a newb to the latter I expected results from my wallet bleeding Hobby.

The history from the site is probably known on here and easy to find but will Hijack Wiki for those who don't know...

Born in Pocklington, Joseph Terry came to York to serve as an apprentice apothecary in Stonegate. On gaining his certificates, he set up as a chemist in Walmgate. But after marrying Harriet Atkinson in 1823, he met her elderly uncle Robert Berry. After William Bayldon left the business, Terry agreed to become a partner in the confectionery business, and after closing his chemists shop joined the confectionery business in St Helen’s Square, York.

Joseph retired in 1850 shortly before his death, handing over the business to his sons Joseph Jnr, Robert and John. Joseph became the driving force, quickly expanded the business, moving production four years later to a leased site at Clementhorpe, beside the River Ouse. The allowed easy shipment of raw product into the new production facility from the Humber estuary, with a steam ship twice a week bringing in ingredients including sugar and cocoa, as well as coal to power the new steam-powered machinery at the renamed Joseph Terry & Sons. The company retained the St Helen’s Square premises as a shop and restaurant, and the Terry name is still on the front of the building today.

In 1923, Frank and Noel Terry joined the family business. They revamped the company, launching new products and bought a site off of Bishopthorpe Road, York on which to develop a new factory known as Terry's Confectionery Works. Built in an Art Deco style, the factory included a distinct clock tower. In 2004, Kraft Foods decided to switch production of remaining products All Gold and Chocolate Orange to factories in Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia, and close the plant. The factory closed on 30 September 2005, with the loss of 317 jobs.

All the pictures are done using HDR! I know there is a hatred for this technique and I must admit I'm not a fan of the shitpiles that have been butchered to death but I use it simply to gain the best exposure and composition from very dark atmospheres and mixed light sources. The follow have been minimally butchered, i.e cropped, to retain a reality of the sights and emotion. Please check out my Flickr http://www.flickr.com/kopex for full size images and also I'm number whoring.


200mm view from top of Terrys clock tower


View of the Millenium Bridge crossing the Ouse


View of York Minster from Clock Tower


Wide view of York from the clock tower


My friend doing some portrait work, this is in the top floor of the factory


View of Minster from the the circular window on the top floor of the factory


View of the clock tower from the top of the factory


View of the top floor


Top floor again, sorry for repetition it was scene of a brilliant sunset and the most notable decay


The first floor with loading bay doors open


Toilet blocks, very shamefully tagged.


View of the factory from the clock tower


View from boundary of the old factory and the recently demolited area


View of stairs from the base of the clock tower


Zoomed view of the factory building


Last and not least, view of the ground floor. The building just a shell as every light, pipe, scrap of metal etc has been salvaged as you can tell by the gas axe stains everywhere

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