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Report - Tetley's Brewery Leeds - July 2011


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This was a somewhat short explore unfortunately. I went along with an old friend who was shooting 35mm. Having used his last 12 frames, and realising he'd forgotten some extra rolls, he was ready for getting off. And with him being the driver, I had to leave when he was ready! Never the less, I'm uber chuffed that I got to see the place, and hope to get back in soon!

Tetley’s has a history that is inextricably linked to Leeds and spans over 175 years. In 1822, Joshua Tetley set up his brewing business just yards away from where Tetley’s Brewery Wharf is today. Following an amalgamation with Carlsberg, Tetley’s is now the 6th biggest brewer in the world. This factory is immense, and there is a constant waft of beer as you walk around the site! For visitors there is an interactive museum which reveals the history of brewing alcohol.

Tetleys brewery opened in 1822 and expanded through out its life with the last extension being built in 2006. In 1994 the muesum opened and proved extremely successful but closed in 2000 to make way for the brewery Wharf development of flats. Tetley-Carlsberg annouced the closure in November 2008 and the site has being slowly closing down ever since.

A few piccies, not many, but I intend to change that at some point!





From here on, I decided black and white would be the order of the day!





Only a handful, but thanks for having a gander anyway!!​


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