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Report - Théâtre d'F., North of Paris, Mar. 2011


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Yesterday morning, we visited the old theater of a château I'd visited previously, after I'd received a friendly tip as to the location of the entrance from a kind enough local explorer -- the whole building is blocked up, intimidatingly so, but giving us all the more opportunity to spend a morning putzing around inside.

The theater was a secondary destination, after we'd attempted to re-enter the castle, thereby setting off a burglar alarm that sent us running like bats out of a soon-to-be-police-infested hell. This being France, no cops showed up, but we decided that, discretion being the better part of valor, we'd be better served elsewhere.

There was a cellar in the theater, which I didn't bother to check out, as it led to what must have been a front door at one point - our experience with front doors on this site led us to believe that these things tended to attract burglar alarms.

As to the history of the place - it was built by a wealthy industrialist in the 19th century, and sits in the middle of a hospital. The whole area is dotted with abandoned buildings, most in desperate states of disrepair, but some, like the castle and the theater, still in reasonable shape - enough to make me hope they'll be restored to use some day.

From the balcony:



Forgetting to turn off your headlamps while doing long exposures, whee:


Beautiful details everywhere




The cheap seats:


I'll give you a buck if you grab these:


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