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Report - Thames water nuclear bunker - swindon - august 2016


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Last week a job came out for swindon, I decided to give @silentwalker a call and see if he wanted to join me on the delivery job and stop off somewhere on the way back and have a mooch around something urbex related! Of course as per usual the answer was yes... I had already been in the area a few days before and decided to check out the entry requirments so that when i returned i knew what i was dealing with.
Once the lorry full of medical supplies was safely unloaded at its destination we shot 10 mins down the road and made our way into the grounds where the bunker is. Nobody was about which made access fairly easy (even for a chunky monkey like me). When inside i noticed the blast doors... And oh boy im sure they can take a blast! Huge nearly a foot thick doors with 2 securing locks keeping the workers safe from a cell mutation related death!
The place was in mint condition, with only small signs of minor flood damage to one room. Alot of artifacts are still intact like all the manuals for the generators and air supply unit and a large 90's style torch with wall mounted charger. The battery on the generator looked so clean it was almost like they hooked it up that morning before we arrived!

The bunker, which is located beside a small reservoir is officially listed by Thames Water as a personnel shelter and is about 3 miles from their Latton Control Centre. It was built in the 1980's after Thames Water moved their headquarters out of London. there is not much more online about the place which is a shame to be honest!

On to the photos












Thanks for looking


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I know it a shame see place get vandalised but Thames water don't care.
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Like a cat on a fence....
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Visited this place a few weeks back to show a pal. Bumped into 2 seperate groups of kids lol. Place is not trashed tho!


Don't think too much about it being saved. Thames Water are about to flatten it to make way for houses. My Grandma (who can virtually see the bunker from her house (certainly can from my old bedroom) had a thing from the local council through the door. When I'm there next I'll get her to dig it out.

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