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Report - Thanet Waste Water Network (North Foreland, Foreness and Wetherlees Hill)


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There are 3 waste water treatment works in the thanet area at North Foreland, Foreness and Wetherlees. When the sewage pipes were laid there were 6 areas that couldnt be dug up. For 2 of these hydralic rams we used to push sections of pipe through the chalk, and for the others a tunnel boring machine was used to cut tunnels and track laid to move the section of pipe into the tunnels. At a cost of £80 million the new upgraded facilitys can treat 30 million liters of waste water a day at the wetherlees hill treatment works.

All the yummy sewage from Broadstairs goes to north foreland where it receives a basic treatment before being sent to foreness. Here it gets treated again with margates sewage then gets pumped to wetherlees where its all treated with ramsgate's before the fully treated waste is pumped back to foreness and out to sea. All 3 of these sites are live. Visited with obscurity and frosty.

North Foreland (march 2009)

After previously doing foreness back in 2008 we thought wed have a go at getting this one done too. The lower levels of the site are apparently alot older, possible napolionic so im told, and there was a gun emplacement here during WW2. We had been down afew times to reccy the site and were finally ready to give it a bash. After getting in we explored the bottom floors and headed up the spiral staircase to the top. Here we found all the power control boxs and massive back up generator. We headed down a small hallway and down a flight of stairs to a set of double doors. We cautiously pushed them open and went through another door into the main room. It was pitch black so after afew minutes shining the torchs around seeing alot of pipes and valves we hit the light switch and were surprised at the size of the place.









Foreness (april 2009)

Me and obscurity first did this back in 2008 but i didn’t get any pics and after doing north foreland with frosty we decided to revisit. Before the site was upgraded it was shared with the coastguard until they were moved further along the coast. At this site more of the solid waste is filtered out and archimedes scews pile it into skips that are then hoisted up on a crane a put on a platform at ground level ready to be taken away.






Wetherlees Hill (January 2010)

After doing the other 2 and attemping to do the tunnels only to find they were flooded over the winter, we thought we may as well do all 3. This was proberly the most fun as its quite a large site with lots of buildings. Its surrounded by a river which it turns out... is full of shit!! We been over to the surrounding marshland afew times to look for a way in and found the river had burst its banks and we were ankle deep in soggy bogroll! Wed seen southern water vans driving around late at night so assumed it was monitored 24/7. After frosty worked his magic we were in the site and luckily didn’t bump into anyone. Visited twice, both times at night, both times it was pissing it down and both times forgot my tripod. My photos don’t do this place justice! Iv got videos of all 3 sites, if anyones interested let me know and il PM the link :thumb.

Before being upgraded....


After being up graded...







Wheel barrow full of sludgy sanitary towels....



Loads of boxs full of core samples...




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