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tatyr raker

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Not sure what's got me in the mood today, but I wanted to say thankyou to all the folk here who have posted up their explores and allowed me to vicariously follow them round some of the most awesome places, (still just about/no longer/unseen by many) in existence.

For one reason and another I'm not in a great position to be able to set foot on my own grand adventures, though I share your passions of interesting architecture, recording the obscure and mundane traces of things that have gone past, industry, nature, the passage of time and photography.

I have worked in the places you've explored, walked past them, partied in them, like many hundreds have. Happy times and sad times, it's emotional seeing them again years later.

You've allowed me, on darker days, to trek across the tundra, to go underground into sewers and catacombs, to climb skyscrapers and paddle to seaforts and chill with a beer as the sun goes down. I've walked around empty houses among the wreakage of other people's lives, and through their own cherished belongings. I've run my hands over the rust, the damp, the moss, the dust and marveled at how nature reclaims what people leave behind.

I doubt I'll ever manage to put back in what I have gained from 28DL, though you never know, I might go a bit more rogue in my old age!
So massive thanks to you that can and do: keep doing it, you're awesome!