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Report - The 1906 ...Cornwall ... Aug 16

steve hannaford

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The 1906....

I didn’t find out much history of this property,only scraps of information and rumours from other explorers I shared the location with ....

Apparently the owner had died and the only living relative was in prison ...

The Explore...

A female friend of mine, a girl who can talk for England... I mean make your ears bleed kinda talk , well shes a hairdresser and was cutting a lads hair and telling him of all the explores I’ve taken her on ....Well it turned out that he had done a bit himself and said too her he’d give her a location that he had been to a few weeks ago,so he got his phone out and wrote down a grid reference on a scrap of paper.

A few weeks pass and I catch up with her and she gave me the said scrap of paper,I asked her what was there and she said she didn’t know and couldn’t remember what he said ....I stared at the two sets of ten digit numbers for a few seconds then stuffed them into my jeans pocket ,once home I emptied my pockets and put the scrap of paper in the kitchen drawer and there it sat for a few months ..

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon in August, I’d finished work early and was at a loose end and remembered the scrap of paper given to me a few months before so I went and got it, I entered the numbers into google maps but too no avail... I stared at them for a bit then decided to enter them into the google search bar ,it dropped a pin in some woods in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall and it looked like nothing was there...

I had nothing else too do ,so I loaded the camera in the car and headed out into the afternoon sun...

I parked up in a lay-by next to two gates the one on the left looked over grown the other was a public footpath,well trodden.

The blue pin on the map was about two to three hundred metres up on the left in the woods,I figured I’d take the public footpath up then cut across too it.

I stepped over the single strand of wire fence and pushed my way into the jungle of rhododendron and laurel bushes and general scrub until about 20 metres in where I found a path .. I followed the path overgrown on both sides until I rounded a corner and there she was basking in the afternoon sun, in eerie silence the only sound was a chainsaw far off down the valley..

The first thing I noticed was the tower adored with crenellations at the top.

The large oak studded front door lay a jar.

I got my external shots first ,discovering the entire set of the rug rats dolls scattered and lost and being strangled by the undergrowth.

I made my way inside the front door and up the stairs taking note of the large ornate ceiling rose with smashed hanging light pendent.

I figured I’d start my explore from the top and I worked my way down through the house rooms by room,eventually to the kitchen,through the utility room and out into the rear secluded courtyard.

I stood In the middle of the courtyard the silence was unnerving the only sound was the net curtains blowing from the broken upstairs windows.

It was a strange feeling , like the house was displeased by being disturbed from sleeping in the afternoon sun ,the feeling sent a shiver up my spine and knew it was time too leave ...

The feeling made me apprehensive about re-entering the house but it was the only exit ,so I kept my head down made my way in rushed through the house neither looking left or right , back through the front door ... along the path and disappeared back into the undergrowth....

I never returned...
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Very nice find. Great report. That structure reminds me of the gate house in Greenhithe, they have restored that. I hope they do something similar here. Too nice of a structure to demo surely.


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This is so cool! Really well written, where is this place? Looks like somewhere that would be really good for my photography project!


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Apparently the place is in the process of being renovated... there are people living on site now. The OP will probably fill you in on this more.


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I have been to this place. It's a great find. There are some dolls that have been hung from the ceiling to look creepy. I found a lot of old newspapers and documents in the house which were interesting to read through. It's a large place. The walk up to the house is very nice as well. A long and winding path through some beautiful overgrown flowers, grasses and trees. When I went there about 3-4 years ago we were asked to leave the premises and the police were called. I'm guessing someone has now claimed the place and wants strangers out or just some neighbours reporting us for potential vandalism. Either way we got plenty of time to look around and left without any trouble.

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