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The Abandoned House that turned out NOT to be abandoned, oops! LOL


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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share this funny experience that happened earlier. We were taking a different route home away from the traffic & ended up seeing what looks just like an abandoned house, windows very old & rotten, some parts of where windows used to be were boarded up. There was also 2 very old cars from the 90s just left there rotting away. Anyway we knocked on the door to see if anyone was inside first because that's the best way of finding out if someone does live there or not. After a few mins of waiting a woman comes up to the front room window and pulls back the curtain, we just pretended to ask about the cars she had on the drive as I couldn't exactly say, oh sorry I thought this was an abandoned house lol. Anyway she said sorry those cars don't run and we said ok thank you and left.

Kept thinking I hope we didn't scare her, there was stuff everywhere inside her home, but she seemed happy. Also kept laughing after because i've seen lots of abandoned places that don't look half as bad as her home did!

Anyone else had any experiences just like mine? If so please tell me as it would be interesting plus make me feel I'm not the only one who's done this LOL.

I did take a few snaps too ........



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Astra Merit - whoa! They were rotten when they were new. Amazed it isn't just a pile of metal flakes on the drive.

Will Knot

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Think you did well really under the circumstances.... could have been worse you could have walked in :D:D:D:D


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It happens, a lot of the time elderly residents are confined to the ground floor or just a single room and just barely get by so have no money to fix the house up. Kind of tragic really.

There's a location I've been scoping for some time with a load of cars in it but the house is still very much occupied, we met the owners daughter one time whilst having a look from the road but she wouldn't let us go and shoot the cars sadly. One day it'll be mine...


Did accidentally go into a house once that, then a few weeks later, turned out to be not so abandoned...