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Report - The Abbey Hotel, Tintern (July 2020)


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History; (Shamelessly stolen from Glymo, sorry mate!)

For well over a century the site traded as the 'Beaufort Arms Hotel' (first recorded officially in 1835) and for a time, the pubs landlord was also the guide and keyholder for the abbey. There is a relatively interesting recent history for the building, which underwent a full refurbishment in 2002, at the same time it was renamed. The owners at the time were the victims of a fraud which cost them their business and home. More can be found by following the link below for anyone who is interested.


Following this, the site was operated by new owners until it was sold by administrators in 2009. It continued to trade until late 2012 when it was closed, and an application placed to redevelop for residential use. These plans were approved by a planning committee in 2014 but it appears that not much has happened since then. (Probably due to the family of bats currently using the place rent free!)


A lovely little mooch, with very little to report really, except for this (not so) little fella giving us a heart attack as he swiftly left the bar area just as we entered it!

The above photo taken using light painting, so as not to frighten the poor guy too much by shining light directly at him.

The inside of the place is a lot worse for wear than the outside.

With some rooms having completely succumbed to natures reclaim.

All the best guys x

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Like that bath shot & the view from window, pretty photogenic. The arches are cool too. Nicely covered. :thumb


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Thanks all, appreciated :)

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