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Report - The Adelphi Pub, Burnley - Feb 15


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
i cannot find any useful info on this place but has been derelict for some time, once a pub and then a taxi rank until it was set on fire, i dunno how or why.
its not in the best of shape and is falling down slowly by itself and is not very safe with dry rot everywhere but suprisingly there was signs of a homeless living here but wasn't around at the time of visit.

the building was due for demolishion about 7 years ago but put on hold due to fundings.


picture from google, i do not own this









thanks for looking


Dirty Donker
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This place looks very much like The Low Moor Inn. It's hard to find a pub that hasn't been torched and the history of pubs seems non existent.

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28DL Full Member
Im pretty sure that I visited this place back in the mid nineties, following the Cobblers at a Burnley away game.
It certainly was in a better condition back then. The beer was good, but the locals where quite hostile, especially if you beat them on the pool table!


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28DL Full Member
Just a bit of history for the Adelphi. Built in 1865 when the landlord was shown as William Veevers. It was built by the Old Brewery which was situated on nearby Bank Parade next to the Bridge Inn. Its proximity to the railway nearly led to disaster in 1930 when several rail trucks left the track at the adjacent Bank Top Station and crashed through the gable end of the pub, demolishing the wash house and part of the cellar. It closed in 1997, starved of passing trade by the demise of the local station and the downgrading of the East Lancs line. Great pictures, I've managed to get a few of the cellar by sticking the camera through the broken windows, the rats were surprised!. Apparently the fire took hold mysteriously after planning permission was refused.


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28DL Full Member
Visited this place today didn’t do much exploring due to it being unsafe as there was a fire last year

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