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Report - The American Adventure Theme Park (April 2018)


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28DL Full Member
This video was taken from a Drone fligth made while we were exploring the old American Adventure Theme Park.
The park has been closed for about 11 years now and rumors are that it is going to be developed into homes.

When planning for this mission we were expecting the site to be very secure and empty and was expecting to have to be very careful but that could not be more from the truth.

The site was easy to get into with holes in the outer fences everywhere you looked once in we coun that the site was far from empty of people and although private property had people walking dogs, Fishing and even a family camping on one of the islands with a kayak in the water.

There is nothing left of the park other than the paths and some paved area that used to stand rides and shops.

As there is not much to show I'll just leave you with the drone video (4k if you have the hardware) to show the site.

Happy Exploring


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28DL Full Member
thanks :) But not much editing happened :)

It really is a nice place. Such a shame it going to become houses. It would make an amazing park/watersports centre


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So, is this still easy enough to get into? I live local and was thinking of going, over the bank holiday weekend. Anyone been recently?
If you live local I think you're probably the best person to have a look at the state of the fence re ease of access.

Last time I was over that way they'd started the groundwork for the retail park / housing development so it didn't look too picturesque!

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