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Report - The Anchor & Can House - Ross-On-Wye, July 2014


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A two storey detached cottage, built approximately 200 years ago..

Some History:
(I couldn't find much information on this place so please excuse the lack of information i was able to provide)
"The Anchor & Can" was the home of the ferryman and one of two public houses at 'Hole In The Wall'. The other, "The Boatman's Rest" in now known as the "Gate House" The meaning of the name is obscure but could relate to an Anchor used by the boats that plied up and down the Wye. Can could relate to "Cams Meadow" that lies downstream on the bend in the river beyond the footbridge.

Alternatively, Anchor could relate to the Dutch 'Anker', an archaic cask measure used in North Sea and Baltic trade from the early 14th century. It was equal to about 8.5 imperial gallons. Can would simply be a drinking vessel.

The Visit:

We originally went to Ross to find a place we thought was called 'Hole in the wall' little did we know that the town itself was in fact was called 'Hole in the wall'. :eek: We did find the building we originally went to see but was disappointed to see that it had started to be renovated and was half demolished and being rebuilt. I'm glad we decided to look around this small town before we left, because we stumbled upon 'The Anchor & Can'! :thumb From what i could see it was definitely unoccupied as i circled the place and knocked just to be sure. I could see from inside that workers had started to reno the building, but they kindly yet unknowingly had left a window open for me to get in. (lucky or what?) Thanks guys! I was very lucky to get inside and take photos, it was a hot day, and we got harassed by many wasps, but there wasn't a soul in site. Result! And can i just say what an amazing rush it gives you to look around places like this, all though there was a lot of disturbance from what the builders had left, the place still had its own bit of history. The top floor was extremely warped so i couldn't go any further than the top step, and also there was an army of wasps in the attic area, (i have a major fear of the buzzy bitches!) Anyway, hope you enjoy. :)

I would just like to say go easy on me with any critiques as this is my first official report and this was my second derelict experience. I'm just over joyed to be able to share some of my experience with you all.
















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