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Report - The Becket Upper School, Nottingham, September 2010


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Hi people, this is my first report.

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the not very good images. This is because:
1. I was on my own during this explore and I was scared of running into pikeys or similar so I wanted to minimise the time I spent inside.
2. I am new to photography and my camera is not exactly professional grade.

The Becket School was founded in 1929 by two Priests and was for boys only. This school was based on Wilford Lane. There was also a Main School site, located on Ruddington Lane. Upper School was used for the Sixth Form (of which I am a former member, I do not wish to reveal more information to protect my privacy) and Year 11. The Becket School finally shut its doors in August 2009, when a new school, about half a mile down the road was finally built.

I was informed about the site by a friend who told me that he had been inside it about 3 weeks ago (just to look around, obviously!). By the time I got inside, the building was in considerably poorer condition than when I last saw it, having been targeted by the local scumbag morons.

Exploring this site was a touching walk down Memory Lane for me, and as a former pupil, I am very saddened and dismayed to see that the school has been trashed and damaged.
Oh well, that's what pikeys and chavs are like :mad:

I would like to stress that this report only covers a small portion of the school (just the hall and a few rooms off the corridor leading to the hall). There is a lot more to see upstairs.

Anyway here are some of the few pics that I took which are coherant.

One of the outside shots of the building

The School, viewed from the Suspension Bridge that I used to wander over at lunchtimes:

The building known as the Red Court:

Display boards in the corridor, pulled down by the chavs:


The stage:

A badly angled shot of the back of the hall, with the raised balcony above the hall:

A sideways view of the hall, to the left of the photo is the stage and
the doors lead to the corridor off the hall:


On the balcony at the back of the hall:

Doors leading to the caretaker's area:

Door to the ladies' toilets:

Thanks for having a look through this short report. I am sure you noticed the red van in the background of my second photo. That van was a builders' van and there were men on site boarding up the windows, so perhaps it was just as well that I didn't explore all of the site :p

Those of you with more courage than me should definately give check the site out, its well worth a visit despite the damage done.

Constructive feedback and comments will be much appreciated.


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