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Report - The Breach Culvert, Sheffield - May 2011


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Visited by WB & Muttley, sadly aem had to bail due to work :(

This one had been sat waiting for me to get off my arse and do for a while, I knew there were some culverted bits of this river in the area but just had never got around to looking properly.

Anyway, as a stroke of coincidence one of Muttley's friends took a photograph of the infall to this place and tagged me in it, so I could see it was definately do-able and looked proper old school construction.

Living not 10 minutes drive away from this place I had no excuse not to go on a recce for the best approach and whether wad0rs would be required or not... I checked it out and the infall looked a right pain, debris all over the place and deep water that would challenge thigh waders, all in all it didn't look fun!

The outfall looked a lot more inviting, shallow water and not that much either. Game on! :thumb

So, it was agreed amongst the local Drain0rs that it was worth a look and we set a date to meet up and have a nosey

Unfortunately aem had to bail due to work demands but Muttley met me near the outfall and we set off for the 10 minute walk along the riverbank to the outfall.

Nice dressed stone outfall, this was obviously old school.


Not long after we entered we thought we were onto a real winner, the construction and ochre reminding me very much of Manchester's Red Barn drain.


As we got further along, the stone floor was in a real mess, parts of it eroded away and other bits completely gone! :eek: It made for slow progress as some of the pits left behind were beyond the capability of wellies!



However as I rounded one corner I could see a large pool of water in front of me, I couldn't see the bottom so had to deploy 'DepthstikZ' to test it...

DepthstikZ reported "No fucking chance mate", indeed even at the edge of the pool it was well above welly breach level.

How this culvert got its name:-


In the distance I could see the construction changing to concrete arch, the other end of which I had seen from the infall.

This was the end of our trip here, unless we came back with wad0rs to complete the job. (Rest assured we will)

Back the way we came, and outta here!


Thanks for looking. :thumb




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