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Report - "The Breach", Oughtibridge, nr Sheffield - May 2011


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Once more unto the breach, dear friends...​

Flicking through a friend's pics on Facebook of her family day out in the countryside, I spies an interesting looking hole. A few messages later and I've got a grid reference, map checked and its in WB's neck of the woods, so he's despatched to have a recce.

Report comes back that it looked do-able so we wellied up and prepared to get wet and dirty.

Visited with WB, apologies received from AEM who was stuck at work - hope the missus enjoys that overtime!

Believe this is the first time this has been reported, so naming rights claimed - "The Breach", in honour of Ms Shakespeare and for reasons that will become apparent (in fact more apparent in WB's report HERE.

Apologies for the poor pics, managed to leave my torch in the car after previous night shenanigans, so had to make do with 4 quid headtorch, 800ISO and 30 second exposure. :thumb

Nice contrast in here with the yellow/orange ochre colours (hinting there might be some mine workings not too far away) and old stone walls.

The water has worn a thick channel through the stone floor and in many places has worn right through creating a few leg sized holes just waiting for a careless footstep.


Copyright Ojay ;)





At this point the floor had worn completely away and created a deep hole aka The Breach, scientific depth analysis tests conducted using a big stick and WB's leg concluded that it was WTFDM (Way Too Fucking Deep Man) so this was the end of the journey, need to return for another look from the other end.

The Breach (Focus fail :mad:)

The outfall (can you spot WB?)



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