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Report - The Broadway Cinema, Bristol - Sep 2015


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Explored with @END-PROC

END-PROC bought this cinema to my attention a year or so ago and since that time we have proposed ideas, scoped it several times and made a few efforts to get in but to no avail. During this time there was another derelict cinema in Bristol, the Rex, which almost out of nowhere was demolished (we made it inside beforehand but all the asbestos removal gear kind of ruined it for me).

After another discussion about the Broadway we came up with a plan that we were determined to see through to the very end. Luckily we pulled it off without a hitch. You can tell that asbestos tests have been performed and theres a little water damage in parts but we both thoroughly enjoyed getting inside and exploring the place. It was a long time coming.

It did feel somewhat like a time warp, as we were hoping, mainly because of all the ash trays on the bingo tables and on the upstairs seating. Most still had old butts still residing in them. The upstairs seating was really the most incredible part of it. It felt untouched. Very dusty and probably not used even when it was a bingo hall. Some of these seats were actually taken out and put on display at the M Shed museum in Bristol. They were the highlight for me. The projector room still had one of the stands but that was about it unfortunately.

Located in the Filwood Park district of Knowle in Bristol, The Broadway Cinema was opened in 1938 by Roy Chamberlain. It seated 1,160 people, had a 30 feet wide proscenium and was equipped with a British Talking Pictures(BTP) sound system. It was built by local firm R J Hurford; Dennis Hurford and Roy Chamberlain acted as architects,.

The council put in a clause stating that a door at the rear of the cinema be included, with its own pay box, that was 'desirable to enable the lower class of patrons to use the back entrance'.

It was re-furbished in 1961, and began part time bingo on several evenings a week. The cinema was also used for boxing matches and as a concert venue. Cinema use ended in 1971 and it became a full time bingo club. It was still operating as a bingo hall until 1991, but was closed soon after.

Its old Kalee 12 projectors and many of its chairs are stored in Bristol's M Shed Museum.
On to the photos:
















The ticket booth and entrance for 'the lower class of patrons':


Thanks for looking.​


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As Speed said much much better than we ever anticipated it would be. Good work!

Oh and a nice local touch with the Crunchie box!


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Yes guys! I've only looked at this twice yet I swear it feels like forever. Bet @END-PROC was in his element to finally get in here :p

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Same as the others said, glad it's been done. Only looked at it once a few years ago and I was scratching my head for ways in.