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Lead or Rumour info - The Broadway School - Aston, Birmingham


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I'm a new member and thought I'd share a site that might be worth exploring. Its a school that I use to go to and was an annex of the Broadway School, Perry Barr, that has now been extended.

The site sits on the corner of Whitehead Road and Ettington Road and has been deserted for over a year now. No security on site but there appears to be CCTV cameras dotted around. Google maps and Street View will show you how it looked when it was in use. Its easy to get onto the site (climbing gates and railings) but I'm not sure of any access points into the buildings themselves.

Worth exploring if someone has time :thumb


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so what we need is someone local, that knows the place, and is interested in exploring.......

........... hang on!

Get yourself down there mate and, if it's worthwhile stick a report up. :thumb


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I'm completely new to this and my age is catching up with me else I would have given it a go myself :cheesy

Ok I lied. I have done some casual exploring in my youth but nothing that involved evading security or getting in using SAS tactics and the sites were easy to get into.

I know this site very well and can give you a detailed plan of whats where if someone is planning to visit. Not sure if they got rid of stuff that was inside but there wasn't anything worth reporting about as it was a school.

There's 3 buildings on site, the newish green coloured building (visible from Prestbury Road) has the science labs upstairs and the CDT and cookery classrooms downstairs. The building that sits on the corner of Whitehead Road and Prestbury Road was the canteen, which has two floors, and also the caretakers house. The big building which is visible from Whitehead Road and Ettington Road was the main school itself. The pigeon roost(?) on the roof always reminded me of Daleks!

Like I said, worth a visit if you have time on your hands and nothing better to do :p

davey boy

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hi ya spytek and hello all,, im localish erdington next door to aston,, i know this site but aint been around there for a while,, ill go have a mooch soon as ,thanks for the lead. ill check it out if its an easy one ill let ya know maybe ya could come along ,,,,, pretty rundown area though so id expect some kind of secca ,, david :p