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Lead or Rumour info - The century cinema/gala bingo - pitsea, essex


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28DL Full Member
Noticed this place a little while ago/didn't even know it existed until the other week. Checked the place out but looks pretty well sealed, lights are still on inside. Used to be a small cinema, eventually turned into a bingo hall like a fair few of these old cinemas, been shut since july 09. I reckon there could still be a strong presence of cinema left in this place, shame it's in such a shit hole area!



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28DL Full Member
Went here in the 1960s, first film I saw was Snow White(scary as hell) with Tarzan, then On Her majesty's Secret Service, with You only Live Twice, those were the days of the double feature. Next time I went it was all closed up.
They had the Pitsea Market domes back then, long gone and now the old Railway pub is all boarded up, probably to be developed into more 'Luxury flats'.