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Report - The cherry tree hotel -whitchurch shropshire febuary 2016


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I have always tried to improve my videos so this one is slighlty experimental for me.
I am using new equipment which is a lamparte la3d gimbal - you always have trade offs using new stuff and hopefully learn from using new things.
Sold a lot of stuff to buy this new bit of kit but i think its worth it - really smooth movement and no jerking or bobbing around from the camera.
Had to adapt my lighting and sound suffers in places but i know what to do for the next video.

The cherry tree hotel was once upon a time called the witch ball inn - it has been incredibly difficult to find any info on this place,i visited this place when it was open when i was much younger and explain what happened when i was there so i was eager to revisit this place.
I was positive this place closed late eightys but have read it closed in 2005 but after much research have not been able to confirm this.
Lastly if you ever visit here be really careful on the upper floors - the floors are in a very poor condition many floor boards missing and rotting main beams.
Near the end i was spotted but this was another urbex explorer waiting to come in to enter.

Anyway on with the show - some of the pictures i took on the day:













Finally this is the video i took on the day - did a lot of experimenting so some things are not quite right but a lesson for the next video.
Hope you enjoy




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28DL Full Member
Yes it's go pro 4 hero black,light is a light and motion sidekick duo, I posted a video about it under the go pro thread in equipment thread.

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