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Report - The Chhatris of Mandore, Rajasthan, India, December 1995


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1. The History
The "Raniyon ki Chhatri" or "Queen's Cenotaphs" are a score of memorials to now-deceased Queens, located on a plateau more than a kilometre north-west of the lower Mandore Gardens, just outside of Jodhpur. The chhatris are aligned on a north-south axis, facing the east, and the morning sun. They are contained within a walled compound. The cenotaphs are constructed in pinky-red sandstone and are intricately carved. They have "eyelids" which act as curved awnings and resemble the privacy curtains found on the 'bhel' or 'rath' - a bullock-drawn purdah cart. Chhatri literally means an "umbrella".

2. The Explore
The archive report of the Royal Palace at Bundi seemed to go down well so here’s a bit more Indian urbex for you. The country is packed with architectural wonders - forts, palaces, and other ostentatious buildings. They are, quite literally, ten to the penny (or rupee). And some of them have seen better days since the Empire faded. That means some extraordinary urbexing opportunities. These chhatris are one example. Anywhere else they would be a tourist attraction, but here in Rajasthan the chhatris are effectively abandoned. I remember it being a long, hot dusty walk out here but it being well worth the effort. We had the place to ourselves and it was really peaceful and quite here, especially after the hustle and bustle of Jodhpur. The chhatris despite not having any work done on them for decades are relatively stable although some have lost their delightful roofs.

3. The Pictures

These are scans of my old black and white and colour 35mm negative so the colours on some of the latter are a bit out!

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That's amazing. Cracking set of images.