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Report - - The Cinema House/Coral Bingo. Rotherham 12-01-08 | Theatres and Cinemas |

Report - The Cinema House/Coral Bingo. Rotherham 12-01-08

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The Cinema House/Coral Bingo. Doncaster Gate Rotherham

First some history:


Shortly after construction. Wow, what a place! :eek:

Constructed in 1913-14 in a grand and imposing and quite unusual style for Rotherham. Purpose built as a picture hall incorporating a Grand Café/Tea Room. The Rotherham Advertiser described it thus . . .

"The façade is boldly conceived in a Moresque style and is built of glazed Hathernware in two colours and surrounded by four Moorish domes, two square and two octagonal, the grouping of which is extremely effective"

The interior was equally artistic in its decoration and fittings. Every seat had a clear view of the screen with emphasis on comfort rather than overcrowding - a common problem with the early picture halls.

The 900 seats in stalls and small balcony were green upholstered with a matching green Axminster carpet. The wall panels were in oak and green whilst the proscenium plaster moulding was in cream. The screen was fronted by velvet curtains and border pelmet.

The operating box was built outside the main auditorium as required by the Cinematograph Act of 1909. It was of fireproof material with iron doors and shutters to the projection ports. Two Gaumont projectors were installed.

Cinema House opened on Saturday 7th March 1914
Films came to an end on Sunday 31st May 1964
The Star Group reopened Cinema House Bingo and later this became Coral Bingo Bingo and Social Club. Now empty and semi-derelict.

I had great hopes for this cinema; it's a city centre site (could be quite big), closed for quite a number of years (not much damage) and no mention of it on any forum that I could see (less chance of it beeing locked down). But it was a little disappointing really. It's more a small suburban cinema than a city centre one and it's been stripped quite severely, anyway heres my pictures. :)


Exterior. Yes it is the same place as above... :(


Entrance from the street to the pay desk.


Floor collapsed..


Peely Paint! :thumb


The stairs up to the circle.


View from the circle.


Not a lot of privacy here....


View of the circle.


The original ceiling domes above the remains of the suspended ceiling.


Original features




View towards the circle.

Not the most exiting of places but a nice way to spend your lunch hour! :thumb

Full history can be found here:

Cheers chaps :)