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28DL and UE in the News The Citizen (Gloucester) Feb 21st 2009

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Nice one... typical response from the security company who obv have no idea about the law in this country... and like OT said, a very positive response from the plod ;)


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What was agreed to in this article, Clebby? They've used one of my docks crane pics without bothering to ask me...

Too big to scan so this appears under headline 'Tresspassers are risking their lives' and underneath has exterior shots of Cashes Green and Brunswick campus.




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to be fair, the police sound like they are only interested in our safety....not to sure they will see it that way if we do get caught!!

like he said though, its only ourselves we are putting at risk, so whats the problem, most people put there selves at risk every day with jobs and stuff so its should be our choice.

i do understand about tresspassing on private land but they should make it more easyer to contact people about getting access.

i see it as being like a reporter lol :crazy


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Good for you! That's something to frame and put on the bedroom wall:thumb


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again? i was in a devon newspaper the other day :crazy:)

thank god its a neutral article, and apart from the "risking our lives" sentence there aren't any references to "thrill seeking, idiotic daredevils".

rooks, i think i will put it on my bedroom wall :):gay

immortal owl, they didn't ask to use my three of my photos either... (theres a further two that dont show in the scan)
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As for the police, a small group of us were collared at media city the other week. When the police arrived security started off with "it's dangerous in here, they could injure themselves".

You know everything's going to be ok when the officer turned to Mr Security Guard and said "They're all adults, I'm sure they know the risks" :D


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just been reading the comments on the online article, someone seems out to get oxygen thief - i quote;
Oxygen_Theif will be fully stripped when we next see him. Then we will continue to erase any dignity he has by intruding him anally just as much ah he has intruded these lovely properties. Be warned.
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