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The Claughton Centre which was formerly known as the Sir Gilbert Claughton school was also originally a school Dudley Upper Standards School when it opened in 1904 until 1957 when it came under the name the Sir Gilbert Claughton school who had been the mayor of Dudley at this time. The school had been going for a number of years until 1990 when Dudley Council moved into the property therefore being a recycling centre which wasn't used very much and also housed a youth centre plus conference suites. In 1993 the centre was granted permission to have a new sports facility attached to the centre this is now been demolished leaving the old site to crumble to this day, the site was proposed to have apartments built onto the site but nothing has been done to the site as of yet

The Explore
Another beautiful morning called for another explore and this was the perfect place. In the last few months there have been workers up an around the site clearing it up after a recent fire in july 2020 which cause damage to the roof and upper floor of the former school the access is still the same though i would've thought they sealed it up after the clear up i was wrong so now the centre has been cleared up it was clear that there wouldn't be so much debris everywhere i visited the site in August last year and there was debris everywhere. The beautiful red skylight luckily still remains ive seen reports of this place before but it wasn't as bad then but now sadly remains in bad condition but has seen better days and the light flooding through was made up for really nice photos on the topic of photos shall we move on:

Photos: Exterior


A lot of broken glass on the grass there be careful

The fronts of the former school:



The back of the building lot of scaffolding present here probably to stop the building collapsing:



Nicely hidden fire exit here which doesn't open sadly

The Interior:


The main hall of the centre where activitys would've taken place a lot decay present and resembling the red original skylight


The main skylight on the upper third floor the main design of this was to stop people jumping of or falling of the balcony the design is rather unnecessary despite the functionality





This was the corridor inter linking the main building into the modern section with sports facilities and offices


A stairwell with a beautiful arched upper window


A steelpole holding up a damaged section of the roof though it looks very rusted


One of the classrooms with a nive periodic window with peeling wallpaper everywhere


Also another classroom with a badly decaying window and a sense of sadness in the air


A badly gutted corridor with rooms leading off with just bare walls showing if any


A very ceilinged room here just of the stairwell with badly decaying walls and floor


A nice door here with glass smashed and ties in nicely with the colour scheme around the Centre


The kitchen area on the first floor with a lot of stripped wallpaper


Another door here straight ahead as you come up/down the stairs possibly containing the lifts which the door is locked unfortunately


A botched up window in a room here with the door off


Last but not least the room that leads to the stairs:

Overall not a bad explore was nice to see this beauty again and nice features that still remain thank you for reading and stay safe Bando Exploration signing out...

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Well written and looks like you captured it as well as possible shame it’s so trashed !

Bikin Glynn

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Blimey thought they had refurb this one, iv never been, keep skipping it when I'm in the area for some reason, it does look worth a visit. Good report


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Quite like that, in a weird sorta way. The lighting is nice.


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Not seen this pop up for ages. Never actually been my self but it's looking a lot worse now from last time I see a post on it!

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