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The Cotton Mills of Oldham

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I got this book for Christmas, a great bit of history for the local mills. A must for local explorers?

Think the link shows a first edition, but you can pick up a new paper back copy (3rd edition) for £5.00 at the Oldham Art Gallery and Museum :thumb

"An illustrated book that provides a history of all the cotton mills known to have existed within the boundaries of the Oldham borough. Introductory essays explore the reasons for Oldham's development as a cotton spinning town." 3rd edition. Book details: Paperback, A4 portrait, 128pp. ISBN 9780902809468

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I've had a copy of this for over twenty years now, amazing how many have gone since I first got it.


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Got this one, also worth a look is the cotton mills of Greater Manchester and Stott and Sons. all are like the holy grail of textile mills...